• 3 Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Office Building

    Utility costs for your office building can drastically cut into your bottom line by the end of the fiscal year. Managing individual energy usage in an office environment can prove nearly impossible, especially as employee counts reach the double digits and beyond. Instead, you must focus on upgrading your office space with technologically advanced systems to bring utility costs back down to manageable levels. Here are three smart ways to improve the energy efficiency of your office building with focused technology.
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  • Does Your Small Business Literally Burn Through Tires? What Are Your Best Recycling Options?

    If you own a small business in an industry that generates potentially hazardous waste as a byproduct of normal operations -- used tires or rubber components, paints, solvents, or batteries -- you may face a constant battle when it comes to disposing of these materials in a safe and eco-friendly way without hurting your bottom line. Because of their size, storage requirements, and potential flammability, used tires can be particularly problematic when it comes to proper disposal.
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  • Business Owners: 2 Ways The Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule Might Affect You

    If you're not in the waste management industry, you may not have heard about the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement rule that was recently proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you're a business owner, though, and your business produces even a small amount of hazardous waste, the passage of this rule will likely change the way in which you deal with your business's waste. Check out the below two ways business owners might be affected under the hazardous Waste Generator Improvement rule.
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