• How To Prepare To Bring Metal Into A Scrap Yard

    If you're about to go sell some scrap metal for the first time, take a moment and prepare everything. If you just bring in a jumble of metal, not only will it take a long time to get your money, but you'll establish a not-so-good reputation for yourself at the yard. If you make an effort to at least try to prepare the metal, though, the staff there will be a lot more understanding of any newbie mistakes you might have made.
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  • Three Types Of Hazardous Waste You Might Have In Your Home

    Whether you are cleaning out your basement or attic or you simply have some old items you need to get rid of, you might be surprised to find out that some belongings in your home are considered to be hazardous waste. You'll need to make special arrangements to dispose of these items appropriately. Use this guide to help identify some of the hazardous waste that might be in your home.
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  • Know Your Options for Safe & Legal Disposal of Needles & Sharps

    Most things can be tossed into a trash can or recycle bin without much thought, but medical waste is not one of them. Properly disposing of medical waste presents special challenges, and getting rid of needles and other sharps, such as lancets, requires an additional level of caution and forethought. To meet this challenge, authorities as well as private industry have developed several solutions in the form of safe disposal options.
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