Three Types Of Hazardous Waste You Might Have In Your Home

Posted on: 7 March 2017

Whether you are cleaning out your basement or attic or you simply have some old items you need to get rid of, you might be surprised to find out that some belongings in your home are considered to be hazardous waste. You'll need to make special arrangements to dispose of these items appropriately. Use this guide to help identify some of the hazardous waste that might be in your home.

Household Cleaners

Household chemicals you use every day in your home to clean can be considered hazardous, depending on the types of products you use. Some products that come in aerosol cans, for example, cleaners in aerosol cans may be flammable and should not be disposed of with your regular trash. Read the labels on any cleaning products you no longer need to see what the disposal instructions are, and place any potentially toxic chemicals in a container to await proper disposal by a hazardous waste removal company such as TransChem Environmental. Look for natural cleaning products or homemade cleaners that are made without harsh chemicals, which can help you to avoid having to worry about how to throw away your cleaning solutions.

Paint And Paint Thinners

You may have old cans of paint, paint thinner or other chemicals leftover from home improvement projects. These items are often flammable and can be dangerous to dispose of in your regular trash. Cans of spray paint can be particularly dangerous as the flammable contents inside the can are under pressure. These items should be disposed of through your hazardous waste disposal company to avoid polluting your local landfill and causing potential environmental problems. The next time you have a home improvement project, consider asking your contractor to take the excess materials for use on future projects.

Prescription Medications

Many types of prescription medications should not be thrown in the garbage or flushed down the toilet. They can, in some cases, pollute the water supply or cause other types of environmental damage. You can have a hazardous waste removal company dispose of these medications for you, or you can participate in a drug give-back program with your local pharmacy or police department. Remember to clear old, expired medications out of your home to reduce the chances that someone in your home may take this medication by accident.

If you are ready to get rid of hazardous chemicals and waste you find in your home, consider contacting a hazardous waste removal company to handle them for you. Get in touch with your neighbors and coordinate a day for the waste removal company to collect all your old medications, cleaners, and other hazardous chemicals so you can all safely dispose of these unwanted items.